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Staff Career Development Grant

Eligible staff can apply for a Staff Career Development Grant of up to $1,250 for individuals, $1,750 for groups of 2-10 and $2,000 for groups of 11 or more.

In an effort to increase efficiency, we have moved from a PDF application to an online application. All applicants are encouraged to review the rubric prior to completing the application.

Develop Your Employees

At Ohio State we support a culture of learning. Managers encourage self-identification of opportunities and partner with the individual to assess development needs, set goals and create and support individual plans. On-the-job experiences and exposure to others as well as learning opportunities should be considered as part of each development plan. Growth and development efforts are most effective with ongoing dialogue and collaboration between the employee and the manager.


The performance planning conversation between employees and managers is central to developing the relationship that will facilitate the entire performance management process. Performance planning produces:

  • Agreed-upon expectations and goals for the employee’s performance;
  • An understanding of what the employee will need with regard to resources, materials and information in order to be successful;
  • Opportunities for development through experiences, exposure and education; and
  • An understanding of what the employee needs from the manager with regard to feedback, coaching and support.

Communicating as a Manager

Communication is the heart of everything you do as a manager.  Studies show that managers spend as much time as 80% of their workday communicating.  You spend your day talking, listening, presenting, and sharing information with people.

The better you are at sharing your ideas and communicating, the more you will understand your employee’s needs and the more successful you will be as a manager.

Engage with a Mentor

Mentoring is a valuable source of personal and professional development that focuses on guidance and career advice. Use these tips and tools to identify your mentoring goals and build a successful relationship.

Mentor Toolkit

Protege Toolkit

Experiential Learning

Learning from experience is an intentional process. One way for employees to learn from experience is through an experiential learning opportunity (ELO). Experiential learning opportunities are a creative way to develop and engage employees while moving projects forward. They take the learner outside their comfort zone and force them to actively engage and reflect on a particular subject.


The performance review conversation is an opportunity for an employee to ask, “How did I do?”  Performance reviews are summative two-way conversations which focus on an individual’s performance.  Performance reviews focus on areas of excellence, goals and development needs.  During the performance review conversation there should be no surprises because managers and staff members have had regular conversations regarding performance throughout the year.

Development Across Campus

Ohio State offers many opportunities for you to develop your career and enhance your professional growth. These include networking organizations, professional development grants and tuition assistance. Ohio State recognizes that you are seeking ways in which to continue your professional and career development and supports you in this endeavor.


The Ohio State University supports a culture of learning. Individuals are encouraged to seek opportunities and partner with their managers to assess development needs, set goals and create development plans. On-the-job experiences and exposure to different people and learning opportunities should be considered as a part of each plan. Growth and development efforts are most effective with ongoing dialogue and collaboration between the individual and the manager.

Learning Across Campus

In this fast-paced world, being busy shouldn’t keep you from finding time to invest in your own learning and development. Learning opportunities are available to gain knowledge, skills, and best practices. Blended learning environments, videos, workshops, and eLearning courses are available to Ohio State faculty and staff. Investing in the growth and development of faculty and staff helps improve the overall competence of the university. When a faculty or staff member learns new skills and responsibilities, the employee becomes better equipped to take on higher level work and leadership roles in the future. Listed below are professional and personal development opportunities provided by various units across campus.