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Flexible work arrangements are becoming part of a modern work environment. Ohio State University currently has a flexible work policy 6.12) that allows employees to propose a flexible work arrangement. Colleges and units across campus have successfully navigated integrating flexible work into their workplace culture. Workplace flexibility provides a way to successfully manage people, time, space and workload. Studies have shown that flexible work arrangements can increase productivity, employee engagement and improve work-life balanceUSAC has partnered with the President and Provost’s Council on Women (PPCW) to create a “Flex Work Toolkit,” to provide valuable resources that managers and employees across campus and the Medical Center can utilize when discussing flexible work arrangements. Click here to learn more.

New INTERNAL professional development resources:

Instructor-led programming

  • Disabilities Etiquette: A 90-minute workshop examining stereotypes associated with common disabilities and offering tips on respectful etiquette and language.
  • Speak with Ease: A four-hour workshop to enhance practical speaking skills for everyday work life.

A website for new employees

  • New Employee Onboarding: An online guide for new Buckeyes as they transition into their roles, with practical suggestions for their first week through their first year.

Online learning opportunities

  • Buckeye Learning Burst: Quick and curated trending ideas. Current topics include emotional intelligence at work, resilience and inclusive leadership.
  • Diversity Basics: A 20-minute online course providing historical context and interactive scenarios for understanding diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Build Resiliency: Articles, assessments, and tips to help you move toward greater well-being and away from stress.