Development Across Campus

Aerial of Oval JUN-09-2011 Photo by Jo McCulty The Ohio State University

Ohio State offers many opportunities for you to develop your career and enhance your professional growth. These include networking organizations, professional development grants and tuition assistance. Ohio State recognizes that you are seeking ways in which to continue your professional and career development and supports you in this endeavor.

Association of Staff and Faculty Women

A nonprofit organization committed to our mission of supporting the professional development of all staff and faculty women at The Ohio State University. Our goal each year is to provide dynamic and valuable professional and personal development opportunities to women on campus no matter what position type they hold or stage in their career. Going back to 1930, our self-funded organization has provided support, leadership and development opportunities to the women of The Ohio State University.

The Bill and Susan Lhota Office of Alumni Career Management

Experienced career consultants can help alumni in all stages of their career using a variety of career development tools and services. Their role is to facilitate a community of Buckeyes helping Buckeyes!

Critical Difference for Women Professional Development Grants

Critical Difference for Women (CDW) is a scholarship/grant-offering program administered by The Women’s Place for women seeking advanced education and enhanced professional lives at Ohio State. CDW reflects the university’s commitment to generate support for the specific needs of women, as these individuals seek to realize their goals and dreams, both personally and professionally.

CDW is comprised of three funds:

  • Development Grants: For women staff, faculty, sophomore level and above full-time undergraduate students and full-time graduate/professional students to help facilitate professional development and career mobility.
  • Re-entry Scholarships: For women who have interrupted their education due to unforeseen obstacles and who are seeking undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees.
  • Research on Women Grants: For faculty members and doctoral students (both male and female) who are conducting research on any areas of women’s lives.

Ohio State University Administrative Professionals (OSUAP)

The OSUAP  is a self-organized group of administrative professionals committed to the highest level of job performance with career development a fundamental component of their success. They recognize the value of their contributions to their co-workers, departments, units — and by extension, to the entire university. Embracing the goal of ‘One University,’ this group strives to continuously improve their professional skills on an individual and collective basis. Contact Elaine Pritchard ( for more information.

Staff Career Development Grant

The Ohio State University is committed to the professional and career development of staff. This grant provides staff with an opportunity to further their growth and development. Grants of up to $1,000 for individuals and $1,500 for groups of two or more people will be awarded. Grants are awarded for education and training costs related to the applicant’s job and/or career goals.

Staff Manager Development Grant

Managers, are you looking for professional development opportunities to help you increase your managerial skills and effectiveness? The staff manager development grant provides financial support to assist staff managers seeking to sharpen management skills, encourage participation in activities that further professional development and enhance behaviors that support the university’s values.

Tuition Assistance

The Ohio State University is proud to provide access to high-quality benefits that support your professional and educational goals. The university encourages you to pursue higher education to enrich your lives and help Ohio State develop the highest quality workforce. These benefits, available to eligible employees, are part of the total rewards that come from working at Ohio State.

The Faculty and Staff Tuition Assistance Plan pays the instructional, general and non-Ohio resident fees (up to 10 hours per term) for eligible employees who take courses at Ohio State. The benefit is available upon employment in an eligible appointment of at least 75% FTE on the first day of the academic term to which the benefit applies.

The Dependent Tuition Assistance Plan pays a portion of the instructional and general fees for an eligible employee’s eligible dependents who take courses at Ohio State. The benefit is available upon employment in an eligible appointment of at least 50% FTE on the first day of the academic term to which the benefit applies.

The Women’s Place

Strategic Goals – First and foremost, our goal is to catalyze systemic change. We apply a critical gender analysis of policies and practices to identify barriers to recruitment, retention and advancement of women and actively lead change efforts.

Guiding Principles – We work in partnership with units across the campus — not to solve problems for these units, but to help them identify and remove barriers to the recruitment, retention and advancement of women. Utilizing current research and data, we make recommendations and will intervene when necessary.

Through collaborative decision-making approaches, we serve as a model to other units on campus; these approaches emphasize open, democratic and respectful ways of working together that foster true dialogue and mutual understanding. We are a safe haven for individuals and units to seek resources for identifying problems and finding constructive solutions.

We are focused on the future and informed by the past.

The University Staff Advisory Committee (USAC)

The University Staff Advisory Committee (USAC) is an advisory body to university leadership. Comprised of members from across the university and medical center, its mission is to maintain an active and participatory line of communication with the university community and to provide a forum through which university staff can raise, discuss, and make recommendations to support the university’s mission.