Available Classes in BuckeyeLearn

BuckeyeLearn is a university-wide online training tool, allowing learning and training opportunities to be easily accessed by the university community of faculty, staff and student employees. Check out the following instructor-led and online classes offered by the Office of Human Resources in Buckeye Learn.




Building Multigenerational Teams: Cultivating Community Across Generations

This online module will help employees and managers harness the diverse perspectives of multigenerational teams and foster a positive and inclusive culture across generations. Specifically, you will learn how to: · Identify ways to effectively manage across generations and work with multigenerational teams · Enhance your effectiveness as a manager and employee by understanding generational conflict · Enhance team culture and productivity through multigenerational relationship-building.


Each of these instructor-led learning opportunities are interactive including small group discussions as well as self-reflection.  Workshops are typically 60-120 minutes in length. 

Transforming Workplace Culture: Identifying and Addressing Implicit Bias in the Workplace

Participants will develop an understanding of implicit bias, when implicit bias is most likely to influence our behaviors, and discuss ways to address and interrupt implicit bias in order to create a culture of equity and inclusion in the workplace.

“That’s Not What I Meant”:  Not-So-Smart Things Well-Intended People Say in the Workplace

This workshop is based on the book by Dr. Maura Cullen, 35 Dumb Things Well-Intended People Say.  These statements, though well-intended, can often widen the diversity gap.  Participants learn more about these statements that many consider harmless but in fact can cause harm.


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