Build Relationships

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Decades of research show that the better our relationships are at work, the happier and more productive we are going to be. When we have good working relationships:

  • Our work is more enjoyable
  • People are more likely to accept the changes we want to make
  • We are more creative and innovative
  • We are more engaged and committed
  • Our career will flourish
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Getting to Know Your Manager

The relationship with your supervisor or manager is probably your most important work relationship. Managing your manager can lead to an improved working life, more job satisfaction, and a more manageable workload. The first step – get to know your manager!


Managing the Unique Needs of Your Employees

Effective management isn’t a one-size-fits-all activity. It involves adaptation and change. It’s about managing to the unique needs and abilities of each member of your team.

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Effective Collaboration

Today employees work less independently than ever before and that trend is expected to continue. Therefore, it’s critical that individuals and teams identify ways to collaborate effectively to accomplish set goals.

How are you positively contributing to your team? Spend a few minutes reflecting on your ability to collaborate effectively.

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Managing Your Peers

Managing someone who was once your peer or friend is an adjustment. To successfully navigate this change, managers must develop new working relationships, adjust to new roles and responsibilities, be attentive to team dynamics, and take advantage of learning opportunities.

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Communicating as a Manager

Communication is the heart of everything you do as a manager.  Studies show that managers spend as much time as 80% of their workday communicating.  You spend your day talking, listening, presenting, and sharing information with people.

The better you are at sharing your ideas and communicating, the more you will understand your employee’s needs and the more successful you will be as a manager.