Manage Your Employees

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Managers play a crucial role in engaging the team and accomplishing results together.  Here at Ohio State, it’s also important to know what it means to work in the public sector.

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Develop Your Employees

At Ohio State we support a culture of learning. Managers encourage self-identification of opportunities and partner with the individual to assess development needs, set goals and create and support individual plans. On-the-job experiences and exposure to others as well as learning opportunities should be considered as part of each development plan. Growth and development efforts are most effective with ongoing dialogue and collaboration between the employee and the manager.

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Working in the Public Sector

The Ohio State University is part of the public sector, with assets held in the public trust.  This has many implications for the university and for you as a public sector employee. These brief videos are part of a curriculum in BuckeyeLearn and describe the essentials of working in this unique environment:

Front page of Effective Delegation video

Effective Delegation

Find out how to make delegation more beneficial to managers and employees.

Front page for Difficult Conversations video

Difficult Conversations

Watch this short video for tips on handling difficult conversations.