Leader and Manager Coaching

A professional coach can change your life – and not just your work life. They can help you become more self-aware, work through problems that may be holding you back, and expand your leadership capacity for larger roles. Manager coaching can benefit the team and unit/college as well by increasing leaders’ abilities to motivate and engage their teams to achieve results together.

Ohio State, through the Human Resources Coaching Services Program, offers two types of coaching engagements. Your role, needs, and funding determine which type of engagement is right for you.

MyCoach, powered by Ezra

Current and rising leaders can increase their awareness and impact through MyCoach, powered by a digital coaching app called Ezra.  MyCoach lets recipients be in the driver’s seat to choose a coach, schedule confidential sessions, and easily meet using a phone, tablet, or computer.

MyCoach costs $3200 for six months of unlimited coaching, with possible grant support to defray the cost.

MyCoach is powered by Ezra, an innovative digital coaching app that is flexible, results-based and affordable. Participants receive 6 months of unlimited one-on-one coaching for $3200. A Staff Manager Development Grant may further reduce costs.


See how Ezra works

Watch the 2-minute video to see what Ezra coaching is like.


Read the MyCoach brochure

The MyCoach brochure explains how to get started and how make the most of your MyCoach experience. Share it with your leader.

Complete the MyCoach Application

To request Ezra coaching and check grant eligibility, complete the MyCoach Application.


Refer to the frequently asked questions below or contact MJ Abell, Coaching Services Program Manager, abell.1@osu.edu.

Coaches and coaching sessions

Who are the coaches? How do I choose mine?

Ezra coaches are certified by the International Coaching Federation and have a proven track record of success. They have been on the front lines of organizations as trusted professionals with specific expertise and as highly respected people leaders.

Ezra coaches know how to create a foundation of trust with their coachees that boosts performance and confidence. You will see bios and videos for three coaches and can select the one who seems the best fit for you.

What if I want to work on a goal or challenge that’s not on the list?

All participants choose 3 goals from the 10 listed in Ezra. However, you can work on any goals, challenges or skills you wish with your coach. This flexibility helps you get the most value from your coaching, by focusing on what is important to you in your role and professional development.
What does unlimited coaching mean?

Your coach’s calendar is available on Ezra and integrated with Outlook. You choose from the coach’s open sessions and can book sessions in advance to prioritize coaching time on your calendar. You are not limited in the number of sessions during the 6-month period. For instance, if you are working on the Prioritization and Time Management goal, you may want to have frequent meetings to help you build new habits and strategies as well as reflect on your program.
What if I can’t finish my 6-month coaching engagement?

If you can’t finish your coaching engagement, contact MJ Abell to discuss options.


Are my coaching sessions confidential?

Yes, your coaching sessions are confidential.
Who sees my Ezra Measure™ results? My leader’s results?

You take the initial Ezra Measure after your first coaching session. Your leader takes it concurrently. Once both Measures have been completed, you and your coach receive a Baseline Ezra Measure Report. Your leader does not receive this report.

At the end of the engagement, you and your leader take Ezra Measure again. The results are shared only with you and the coach.

However, you may want to share your Ezra Measure Reports with your leader to celebrate your progress and continue to plan your professional development.

Is my information ever shared with anyone?

Your coaching sessions and your Ezra Measure Reports are confidential and never shared.

The Coaching Services Program Manager receives aggregated Ezra Measure data periodically to assess the impact of the coaching across all participants. No individually identifying details are included.

The Program Manager also receives aggregated data on which goals are most popular among participants. This information is used for future planning.

Who can participate

What if I work at Wexner Medical Center?

MyCoach is open to all at Wexner Medical Center and the university.
What if I’m staff but not a staff manager? Can I still get Ezra coaching?

Staff who manage staff or students  ̶  as well those who manage projects or programs but do not have direct reports  ̶  are eligible for Staff Manager Development Grants.

Staff in a role that doesn’t match these categories can apply for a Staff Career Development Grant to defray the cost of MyCoach. These competitive grants are available twice a year.

If you are interested in MyCoach but not eligible for a grant or not sure, please complete the MyCoach Application. This is the first step in the process for all potential participants.

What is the process for reimbursing a Staff Manager Development Grant?

Instructions for reimbursement are included when you are notified about your Staff Manager Development Grant. When you finish your MyCoach engagement, you receive a certificate of completion to submit as part of the reimbursement process.

Additional Resources

Traditional coaching engagements

Those in traditional coaching engagements are mid-level leaders through senior leaders. These engagements, typically six months, are highly customized to meet the needs of the unit and the coaching recipient. For example:

  • These engagements call for an external executive coach with a particular background or deep expertise in navigating academic or healthcare settings.
  • The recipient’s leader is a partner in discussing a development plan created by the recipient and coach.

These engagements involve a greater financial investment from the unit or college.

The Coaching Services Program offers traditional coaching engagements with external executive coaches. These engagements, typically six months, are highly customized to meet the leadership needs of the unit and the coaching recipient.

Executive coaching recipients

Those in traditional coaching engagements are typically mid-level leaders through senior leaders. The fee for these engagements is higher than for MyCoach engagements since they involve intake interviews, coaching matching, a development plan, complex challenges, and sometimes assessments. These engagements may call for a coach with a particular background or deep expertise in navigating academic or healthcare settings.

Common reasons for traditional coaching engagements


  • Adapting to a larger role
  • Adapting to the pace/culture of the university
  • More strategic focus, less day-to-day, setting priorities

Style or presence

  • Wants support to build confidence and leadership presence
  • Needs to be more aware and flexible in  their style


  • Develop effective communication, decision making, or conflict tools
  • Help navigating multiple layers

Leadership development

  • Build capacity for larger roles
  • Opportunity for rising leaders

Partnering for Impact and Alignment

The recipient’s leader is directly involved to increase the impact of the coaching and alignment to unit or college needs:

  • Intake conversation to discuss observations and goals with the coach.
  • 3-way development plan discussion – coach, recipient and leader.
    This discussion ensures the objectives and action steps in the plan align with the leader’s and organization’s goals. The leader can partner with the recipient to find or create experiences to hone the skills they are focusing on.
  • Contribute to coaching summary report by sharing observations of the recipient’s growth and the impact of the coaching.


  • Goals are aligned with participant’s needs and unit or college’s needs and expectations throughout the engagement
  • Increased return on investment and impact
  • Leader can continue to support the growth of the recipient after the engagement.

Getting started

For more information or to start a traditional coaching engagement, contact MJ Abell, Coaching Services Program Manager, abell.1@osu.edu.

For questions or additional information about the Coaching Services Program, contact MJ Abell, Coaching Services Program Manager, abell.1@osu.edu.