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Goal Setting Conversations

Setting goals can be a way to think positively, purposefully, and productively about the future. Just as performance on goals is central to the annual review process, setting goals is fundamental to planning for the coming year. As a manager, it is important to develop clear goals that you and your employee understand and agree on, and to discuss how they will meet the goals. This could involve using particular tools or resources, developing new skills, or increasing knowledge.

Leadership Development

The most important influence on an organization’s health and productivity is its leadership. Newly promoted managers may face some challenges that come with the new responsibilities and expectations of their new role. Ensuring you get a strong start is critical to the long term success of their college or unit and the university. Whether you are new to management or new to managing at Ohio State you will find the tip sheets, videos, programs and resources here a valuable asset as you make the transition to manager.


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Looking Forward

Careers happen over time and through a series of moves.The work you’ve done in the Looking Inward and Looking Outward section helps to generate insight into the world of possibilities for those who want to move forward and toward their career goals. Some individuals want to move up or on while others are looking to grow in place or step down. We each have our own unique career journey based on our skills, passion and interests which moves us towards a very personal definition of career success. Use the following tools to help you define your career success and determine your goals.

Getting the Most Out of Your 1-1’s

Have you met with your manager lately? The 1:1 meeting, or as some say the check-in meeting, is an important tool for managers and employees.  Regular check-ins between managers and employees are the perfect opportunity to build connection, share perspective and provide feedback.

Implicit Bias

What is implicit bias?

Implicit biases are mental shortcuts related to the way our brains categorize information. These unconscious mental shortcuts can impact decision-making and behaviors in negative ways. Studies reveal that we are all subject to implicit bias. However, the good news is that implicit biases can be changed—we can learn to become aware of and address our biases.

Take a Class

BuckeyeLearn is a university-wide online training tool, allowing learning and training opportunities to be easily accessed by the university community of faculty, staff and student employees. Check out the following instructor-led and online classes offered by the Office of Human Resources in Buckeye Learn.

Managing Your Peers

Managing someone who was once your peer or friend is an adjustment. To successfully navigate this change, managers must develop new working relationships, adjust to new roles and responsibilities, be attentive to team dynamics, and take advantage of learning opportunities.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources at Ohio State

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources at Ohio State