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Everyone can be a lifelong learner and a lifelong participant in the learning culture that is core to the Ohio State experience. We urge you to take responsibility for your own professional development and leverage the resources available to support your unique journey. People who invest in their own development are more highly engaged in their work, are more productive and enjoy greater job satisfaction here at Ohio State.

Manage Your Employees

Managers play a crucial role in engaging the team and accomplishing results together.  Here at Ohio State, it’s also important to know what it means to work in the public sector.

Learning Everywhere

We live in a world where learning can happen anywhere and at anytime. Today, we have access to more learning opportunities than ever before. There is not a single path to expertise. The Gateway to Learning website is intended to supply you with a variety of options and empower you to engage in lifelong learning.

Manage Your Performance

At Ohio State we value performance management strategies that fuel a high-performance culture. These resources focus on setting clear expectations, supporting development and engaging each of us in our role at the University.

Effective Delegation

Find out how to make delegation more beneficial to managers and employees.


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New Employee Information

New Employee Information