Build Resiliency

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Are you able to bounce back from challenges and setbacks? Can you reset your mindset and get unstuck? Do you practice self-compassion?

When you are resilient in the face of life’s challenges, you move toward greater well-being and away from stress, worry, frustration and hurt. Use these resources to reflect on your resilience and set strategies for becoming even more resilient.

What is Resilience?

 This lively 3-minute animated video from The Resilience Programme describes the many facets of resilience.

Check Your Resilience

Which of these characteristics mentioned in the video do you possess?  Which would you like to work on to become more resilient?

  • The ability to grow strong through experiencing difficulty and hardship – embracing the difficulty and reframing it as a learning experience
  • Having a wide range of tools and skills to deal with many different types of challenges
  • Flexibility of thinking – being able to switch between a wide range of thinking styles and find the best one for the situation
  • The ability to bounce back from a difficult situation without suffering damage
  • Having a sense of vision, purpose, and values that act as a guiding light enabling the individual to keep going forward
  • Self-awareness through training, mindfulness, and self-observation
  • Being good at giving and receiving feedback
  • Understanding no one needs to be a superhero, yet we all have an inner strength
  • Like bamboo, being flexible but firmly rooted


Take a few minutes to complete a Resilience Questionnaire and receive your Personal Resilience Report by email. The report includes your scores in 18 aspects of resilience and suggestions for strengthening your resilience, based on your results.

Build your own personal resilience toolkit with Lean In to Build Your Resilience, a list full of insightful questions and proven strategies.

Get unstuck! Discover productive new ways to reframe challenges or limiting beliefs with the downloadable Mindset Reset Worksheet by Executive Coach Lisa Abramson.

These 3- to 6-minute recordings include imagery and exercises to help you relax, declutter your mind, and get above the pressures of your life. Listen online or download. Provided by EAP.

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Boost Your Energy

When you learn to skillfully manage your energy, you can get more done in less time and in a more engaged, sustainable way.