Boost Your Energy

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Focus. Simplify. Renew.

When you learn to skillfully manage your energy, you can get more done in less time and in a more engaged, sustainable way.

To be at your best, move between spending energy and renewing energy. Learn more about the dynamics of energy and simple ways to boost your energy and increase your well-being.

59% of workers are physically depleted, emotionally drained, mentally distracted, and lacking in meaning and purpose.

Source: and the Energy Project

The Dynamics of Energy

Where would you place yourself?

Pay Attention to Your Energy Cycle

Our bodies go through a repeating energy cycle every 90 to 120 minutes. Energy experts recommend we do solid work for up to about 90 minutes at a time, followed by a break or a switch to something lighter. Work on the tough stuff when you are alert and focused, and work on the easier stuff (or take a break) when you’re feeling down or distracted.

Are you living these energy myths?

Energy Myths vs. Reality
Myths Reality
The more hours we put in, the more productive we are. It’s not the number of hours we work that determines the value we create, but rather the energy we bring to whatever hours we work. Intermittent renewal fuels high energy.
Multitasking is critical in a world of infinite demand. Multitasking increases the amount of time it takes to finish your primary task by an average of 25%.
Creativity is generic. Creativity can be developed systematically, by learning how to use the whole brain more flexibly. The creative process unfolds in a far more accessible and teachable way that we ordinarily imagine.
A little bit of anxiety helps us perform better. The more anxious we fell, the less clearly, rationally and imaginatively we think, and the more reactive and impulsive we become.

Source: The Energy Project

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Fuel your four core energy needs to renew and sustain your energy. Even small investments of time can increase your sense of well-being, energy, and engagement.

Physical / Health

The bigger the demands in our lives, the greater the need for renewal. Yet often we do just the opposite. Start taking a break at least every 90 minutes. You can get a lot of renewal by completely disengaging from work even for very short periods of time. Check out 10 for Life website to add moderate activity to your lifestyle – even at work.

Emotional / Happiness

Start paying attention to how you’re feeling, moment to moment. How you feel profoundly influences how you perform. When you notice yourself moving into negative emotions, apply this principle: Whatever you feel compelled to do, don’t. Instead, smile, take a deep breath and wait to act until you’re capable of thinking clearly. Enjoy 15-minute recorded Resiliency Webinars from OSU EAP.

Mental / Focus

Stop trying to multitask. You can’t, efficiently or effectively. Instead, work as much as possible in short, uninterrupted sprints. Focus intensely for no more than 90 minutes, then take a break. At a minimum, do the most important thing first every day, for at least 60 minutes. Relax and refocus anywhere with guided imagery audio files from OSU EAP.

Spiritual / Purpose

It’s easy, under pressure, to do whatever will solve the problem in the moment, without regard for the long-term consequences. Instead, ask yourself this simple question when you have a difficult decision to make: “What’s the right thing to do here?” The more intentionally you make decisions, the better they’ll be.Find practical steps to live with more purpose in The Helpful Guide to Living an Intentional LifeSource: Tony Schwartz on

What happens when you meet your 4 core energy needs?

  • Meeting 1 core need increases engagement by 50% and doubles retention.
  • Life satisfaction steadily increases as more core needs are met.
  • Positive energy at work more than doubles when at least 3 core needs are met.

Source: The Energy Project