Staff Development Grants

At Ohio State, we embrace an environment where learning is a priority. The Staff Career Development Grant and Staff Manager Development Grant are one way the university supports continuous growth in insight, experience, knowledge and skills. Grants can be used for education and training costs related to job and/or career goals, such as registration fees, travel costs or training materials. We have listed a few comments below from our award recipients:



"The Staff Career Development Grant provides a valuable resource for staff members to gain additional knowledge and education at conferences and training off-site.  The financial resources that it saved our department were significant and greatly appreciated, which made it easier to gain approval for my attendance.  I encourage the university to continue provided resources such as this, and I also urge OSU staff to take advantage of the Staff Career Development Grant opportunity."

"The Staff Career Development Grant provides a special opportunity for staffs to participate in advance training and courses which are essential in improving professional knowledge and creating new ideas for their jobs.  The learning opportunities also inspire new passions for staffs to work harder and achieve higher in their posts."

"The Staff Career Development Grant provided me means to design my own professional development path and empowered me with practical tools and resources for my life-time development."

Staff Career Development Grant

The Ohio State University is committed to the professional and career development of staff. This grant provides staff with an opportunity to further their growth and development. Grants of up to $1,000 for individuals and $1,500 for groups of two or more people will be awarded. Grants are awarded for education and training costs related to the applicant’s job and/or career goals.

Staff Manager Development Grant

Managers, are you looking for professional development opportunities to help you increase your managerial skills and effectiveness? The staff manager development grant provides financial support to assist staff managers seeking to sharpen management skills, encourage participation in activities that further professional development and enhance behaviors that support the university's values. 

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