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Welcome to your Starting Strong Cohort Experience.  As a manager, you have an impact on each member of your team and the results you can achieve together.  Your investment of time and energy in Starting Strong will reap rewards in your confidence, effectiveness, and resilience as a manager and in the relationships, you form with participants and facilitators in your cohort.  We look forward to your active participation as you discover, engage, and grow.



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A Glimpse into Emotional Intelligence

Managing Up

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Gone are the days of managing by fear or command and control. Today’s managers lead through collaboration, connectivity, curiosity and coaching. Below are behaviors exhibited by successful managers:

  1. Removes roadblocks
  2. Has a clear vision, strategy and purpose
  3. Leads by example
  4. Embraces vulnerability
  5. Builds relationships
  6. Practices real-time recognition and feedback
  7. Fosters inclusion
  8. Adapts to the future employee


In this 18 minute TedTalk Simon Sinek explores how leaders can inspire trust, cooperation and change.

How Great Leaders Inspire Action by Simon Sinek

Watch this inspiring 20-minute TedTalk from Brené Brown on vulnerability

The Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown

Know Yourself and DISC presentation download

In her book, Daring Greatly, Brene Brown indicates “vulnerability is at the heart of the feedback process”, whether we are giving, receiving or asking for feedback. Providing feedback is not about shaming, blaming, name-calling, belittling, humiliating or harassing people – which quite often leads to disengagement. It is about “constructive, honest and engaged feedback”. Brene refers to this as “sitting on the same side of the table. See her Engaged Feedback Checklist Below.

feedback list from daring greatly book


The SCARF Model® assesses the differences in people’s social motivation. Some people are more sensitive to status threat and rewards, others to certainty or relatedness. Having SCARF needs satisfied drives engagement and retention. Take the SCARF Assessment here.

Increase your skill and confidence in handling challenging topics with the Difficult Conversations video and guided meditation resources.

Spend 78 seconds listening to this Pinkcast: “This is how to give better feedback in just 19 words.” Do these words resonate with you? What 19 words would YOU use to help you give better feedback?

Pinkcast 2.16: This is how to give better feedback in just 19 words

Feedback presentation download

Foster Accountability presentation download

Personal Accountability Tip Sheet

Starting Strong DISC Connections Document

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As a manager you  have the greatest impact on your employee’s engagement. You have the best opportunity to enable success, increase performance and create a thriving team of engaged employees. Remember, your own engagement sets the tone for your team’s engagement.

Building Engagement Presentation – Part 1

Building Engagement Presentation – Part 2

For additional resources visit the Professional and Career Development section of this website. You’ll find great information for both you and your employees on how to Grow Your Mind, Manage Your Performance and Plan Your Next Move.


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For more videos, strategies, and tips to increase your resilience, check out Build Resiliency.

Resilence presentation download